It is not clear why Tamarack Lodge was built on this spot. We were a mile east of Tahoe City. Worse, we were right next to a rather odoriferous dairy farm. (Note: today the dairy farm is long gone, and the air is perfumed by pines and firs rather than by cow herds). 

One theory for our location is our spring. We have a fabulous spring here on the property, which long provided all of our rooms with the most extraordinary water. About 30 years ago, in the interest of eliminating all possible risk, we were told that we could no longer use spring water for our guests. So we sunk a well and hit the jackpot. Now we have the same water from an artesian well. So drink copiously while you are here, and leave the bottled water at home.

Another theory on why Tamarack is a mile out of town is that farther from town was better if you were serving illegal alcohol. Even if this theory is the right one, the water we have on tap today is still very very good.

Pet Friendly

Pets are welcome at Tamarack in most of our rooms. There is a $18 per pet per night fee, with a maximum of two pets in a room. Dogs must be at least one year old to stay at Tamarack. We request that owners keep their dogs off of the furniture, and keep them from barking. Dogs must not be left alone in the room. When outside, they should be kept on a leash. Bags are available in front of the office for the collection of "dog-doo". Please make use of them.

Guests' whose pets disturb other guests will be asked to make alternative arrangements for their animal. Guests who leave early for reasons related to their pets will be charged for all nights reserved.

If you would like to bring an animal other than a dog, please call for applicable conditions. 

Undeclared pets will be subject to a $200 fine. If the pet cannot pay, the fine will be collected from the registered guest.

Please note that pets are never permitted in Sweet Cabin 16, nor in our "Seven Woods King", room 26.

Burton Creek State Park (immediately behind us) is a great place to walk you dog, and Lake Forest has a dog friendly beach just minutes (on foot) from Tamarack.


Most people who choose to stay at Tamarack do so after having read a few recent reviews of our Lodge. Perhaps you did this yourself. It is a good way for guests to know what to expect, and for us to understand guest perceptions and expectations.

Please note that Yelp discourages us from asking directly for reviews. So write one on Yelp only if it is something you would ordinarily do. If you are not a regular Yelp contributor, your review will not remain posted.  Instead you may wish to post your view to either Trip Advisor or Google.



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