Check-in time is between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. Late arrivals can be arranged by contacting the managers in advance.  Guests have the option of using our “self-check-in” to bypass the front desk and receive their room key on their smart phone.  Instructional emails will be sent prior to arrival; please read these carefully.  Those using self-check-in can arrive any time after 4pm.  Check-out is by 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure.


All of our guestrooms are non-smoking. If a guest is found to have been smoking (tobacco or marijuana) in a room, a $100 fine will be levied, and the guest may be asked to leave. Evidence of smoking discovered after a guest has left will result in the same $100 fine being levied.  Guests who smoke are requested to do so at least 30 feet from any room.


Due to Tamarack’s small size, cancellations have a significant impact on us. Late cancellations likely leave us with empty rooms. Often these rooms could have been sold if we had received more advanced notice.

Requirements for cancellation without penalty vary according to the calendar. In the summer, we require seven days’ advanced notice to cancel without penalty; fourteen days' advanced notice is required during the busiest periods of the year; 72 hours' advanced notice is needed at other times. Details follow:

THE FOURTEEN DAY REQUIREMENT APPLIES to Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, Presidents’ Day weekend and the school vacation period which follows (In 2024 this will be from Feb. 16 through Feb. 25), Memorial Day weekend, the likely travel days around Independence Day (in 2024 this will be July 3rd to July 7th), and Labor Day weekend. It also applies from the Friday before the weekend in which Christmas falls to Jan. 2nd - or until the following Monday if Jan. 2nd is a Friday or Saturday (in 2024/5 this will be Dec. 20 to Jan. 2). THE SEVEN DAY REQUIREMENT begins Memorial Day weekend, and continues until Labor Day weekend. (Naturally the 14 day requirement still applies to Independence Day and Labor Day.) AT OTHER TIMES, THE 72 HOUR POLICY APPLIES.

PLEASE NOTE that the minimum notice required to cancel the LODGE CABIN is always at least one week, and is two weeks when the 14 day policy applies.


Upon booking, Tamarack Lodge will charge a deposit to the credit/debit card you provide.  The deposit will be equal to the room charge for one night plus tax for stays up to four nights.  For longer stays the deposit will equal 25% of the total room charges plus tax.

If this charge is declined by your bank, we will attempt to contact you for an alternative payment method.  Failure to make contact for any reason will result in cancellation of your reservation.  On the date of arrival, the remaining balance will be charged.  If you wish you may update your card information either by calling us, or by using the appropriate link on the email with the subject line, “Start Pre-arrival Check-in” which you will receive three days before check-in.  

This change in policy follows from the ever-increasing number of cards which get compromised and are no longer valid by the check-in date.  It is intended to insure that you don’t have to worry about a no-longer-valid credit card jeopardizing your guaranteed reservation.

This deposit is refundable, cancellation conditions being met.  Returning guests in may request to be exempt from the deposit requirement.


Tamarack Lodge will reserve a room type upon receiving a confirmed reservation. Room numbers are courteously issued at this time. Tamarack Lodge reserves the right to alter a room number to accommodate its operational needs; however, the room type will be honored.  If for any reason the room type is unavailable, an upgrade will be offered whenever possible.


Vehicles are parked and left at owners’ risk. All vehicles parked in our parking lot must be declared at the time of registration, and their license plate number must be recorded on the registration form. Guests may not park multiple cars at Tamarack, except by special permission.  Tamarack Lodge is not responsible or accountable for any damage or theft of vehicles parked or visiting the property, including damages caused by bears.  Be sure to remove all food and lock all doors when parked.  Winter guests are strongly advised to use snow tires or carry tire chains.  Vehicles cannot be left on Tamarack property after guests have checked-out, except by special permission obtained from management.


Internet access via WiFi is provided courteously to our guests. Although our system is quite modern, and is maintained by IT professionals, it is not infallible. Tamarack Lodge will make every effort to help you use our internet, but will not offer compensation in the event that you are unable to do so. Nor can Tamarack be held liable for any loss due to the use or interruption of this service.


The entire sum due (less the deposit if one has been taken) should be paid upon check-in. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Cash is also accepted, but a credit card must be kept on file. If additional charges are incurred during the stay, these are due upon check-out.  Please be prepared to present a government issued photo ID when making your payment.


A reservation made with Tamarack Lodge is a definite commitment to provide the guest with one or more rooms.  Reservations can be made over the telephone at (530) 583-3350, or on our secure website. Go to https://www.stayattahoe.com then click on the “book now” or "future bookings" link.  Confirmation emails with booking numbers will be sent by email if an email address is provided.  Otherwise a letter will be sent, time permitting.  If an email confirmation is not received within four hours of making your reservation, please re-contact us.  If you do not have a valid confirmation number, your reservation may not be confirmed, and we may not have a room for you when you arrive.


Tamarack has both rooms that are dog friendly, and rooms that are not. Be sure to specify your intention to bring a dog when you reserve. Note that dogs must be approved by management before the reservation can be confirmed. Friendly and well-behaved dogs are generally acceptable if they are at least one year old and do not bark. Aggressive and barking dogs will be asked to leave. There is a $18 per night charge per dog, and a two-dog maximum per room.  Guests’ pets must not be allowed to roam freely on the property, nor can they be left unattended in a room.  Exceptions can sometimes be made for special occasions such as weddings. In that case the pet must be crated while his owners are absent, and owners must leave a cell phone number at which they can be reached in case of a problem, such as barking.  Note that your room will not be serviced should the dog be in the room alone. Owners are required to clean up after pet toilet habits. (Bags for this purpose are available next to room 21.) If a pet proves to be a nuisance to other guests or to the staff, the owner(s) of the pet will be asked to bring the pet to a doggie day care.

Undeclared pets and their owners will be asked to leave. A $200 fine will be levied, and no refund will be given for unused days.


After a long hiatus, we are once again offering daily housekeeping. If you do not wish to have your room serviced, please place the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your outside door handle when leaving the room. Please note that when servicing rooms housekeeping staff will not touch or move any guest’s belongings. Therefore, guests are advised to remove belongings from beds and furniture requiring service. Towels will be changed if left on the floor, otherwise not. For longer stays, sheets will be changed on the 3rd day. If you wish them to be changed sooner, please make that request directly to management or your housekeeper.



Should an urgent maintenance issue requires us to enter your room, all touched surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected when we leave, and you will be informed that we were there and why.


Tamarack asks guests to be respectful of fellow guests and of Tamarack roperty. Tamarack will not tolerate rowdy or nuisance behavior, and the management reserves the right to ask such disrespectful guests to leave. Such guest will be charged the full room fee plus any damages.  Any deliberate or accidental damage or loss on Tamarack property will be assessed by management, and the guest responsible will be held accountable and charged for these damages or loss.  Tamarack is privately owned, and the management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, and will not be responsible for accidents or injury to guests or for loss of money, jewelry or of valuables of any kind.  Policies and prices are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change without notice. Please consult our website for updates.


Tamarack cannot be held accountable or responsible for actions or conditions beyond Tamarack’s control, or for problems arising from third party actions, or acts of God.  However, Tamarack will always make it a priority to rectify any issues arising from factors beyond its control.  All guests are to be advised that pinecones may fall from trees at any time of year. Be it known that if a falling pinecone should happen to hit you or your car, Tamarack Lodge will accept no responsibility for any damages.  Likewise bears may enter your unlocked car or may attempt to do so, and Tamarack cannot take responsibility for the bears’ actions.  Please be careful when walking and driving at Tamarack as surfaces can be hazardous and slippery due to snow, ice or rain. Tamarack will not be responsibility for accidents or injury to guests, or for loss of money, jewelry or valuables of any kind. Tamarack Lodge is not responsible or accountable for valuable belongings left in rooms. However, all efforts are taken to ensure security at Tamarack. Please ask managers for advice and alternative measures that can be taken.










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