modified guest experience at Tamarack Lodge


7 May 2022

Tamarack Lodge is open for business without any COVID-19 restrictions, but with new precautions.

Our guest can now check-in and check-out without coming to the front desk. Registration forms can be signed, room charges can be paid, and room keys received directly on your smart phone. Details can be found by clicking on self check-in.

Guests preferring to come to the front desk to check-in are still welcome to do so. Please note that the registration desk is located outside, but it is sheltered from the elements.

We are continuing to use our enhanced cleaning protocols designed to combat COVID. Please review these.

As a way both to manage the additional work imposed by these changes, and to reducing the number of people come to Tamarack, we have adopted some minimum stay requirements. Please see separate document on this subject.

Fortunately, Tamarack benefits from a number of natural advantages which also help keep our guests safe.

Guests currently at Tamarack may find useful information by looking at the document titled, Current guests.

Enhanced Cleaning

Prior to your arrival, all the hard surfaces in your room that you might touch will have been disinfected using a product from the EPA’s list N: “Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2”. This means doors and door knobs, closets and cupboards, lights, light switches and lamps, televisions and remote controls, thermostat and telephone, bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Furniture surfaces are disinfected too. Laminated information sheets are also disinfected.

Bedding is washed as usual, with the addition that we will also wash all blankets and bedspreads between guests. Rooms with kitchens will have all dishes, glassware, and silverware washed. You are, of course, welcome to re-wash them before use.

To allow adequate time between guests and staff entering the room, early check-in and late check-out may not be possible 

NOTE. We are once again servicing rooms for guests staying more than one night. If you do not wish housekeeping to service your room, please place the "Do Not Disturb" sign found in your room on the front door. If an urgent maintenance issue requires us to enter your room in spite of the sign, all touched surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected when we leave, and you will be informed that we were there and why.

Length of Stay


We are encouraging longer stays in order to reduce the number of comings and goings at Tamarack, and to lessen the burden of the cleaning protocols begun with COVID. 

Summer into fall.

From mid-June through Labor Day Weekend the minimum stay requirement is two nights for the Lodge and Poker rooms, three nights for the cabins.  After Labor Day through the first weekend in October, there is a two-night minimum stay for all rooms on the weekends, but not during the week.  A three-night minimum stay may be required for all rooms on major holidays weekends.

Winter into spring.

A two-night minimum stay in the Lodge and Poker rooms applies during the year-end holidays, and during school vacations.  At these times there is a three-day minimum for the cabins.  On major holiday weekends, a three-night minimum stay may be required for all rooms.

Shoulder season.

During the low season, there is generally no required minimum stay.

Discounts for multi-day stays.

We continue to offer discounts based on length of stay.  In all of our rooms and cabins there is a 5% discount off of the standard rate for staying two or three nights in the same room.  There is a 10% discount for staying 4 or 5 nights, and there is a 15% discount for staying 6 nights or more.

Natural Advantages

Tamarack Lodge is a motel. As such there are no inside corridors where you might cross paths with others. Every room at Tamarack has a direct entrance from the outside.  You will breath in no one else’s air.

Tamarack is located one mile from Tahoe City, immediately adjacent to Burton Creek State Park. There are no other establishments of any sort nearby, so the number of people you encounter here will be limited. 

We are situated on 3.7 acres of land, so you can social distance right here. There are thousands of acres of parkland and national forest right behind us. These are great for hiking and mountain biking. 

The Lake Forest beaches are a short walk or drive from where we are. Usually these are sparsely populated even in July and August, although because of COVID they are now better known than they used to be. 

Twelve of our 21 rooms and cabins have full kitchens, so you can make a meal right in your room. The other rooms all have small refrigerators, microwave ovens, and coffee makers, allowing the preparation of simple meals.  You are also welcome to make use of our barbecues and picnic tables.  (Note: there is a fee for using our propane barbecues.)

Current Guests


Notable changes in the guest experience have occurred in the wake of COVID-19. The motivation for all of these changes is to keep our guests, and our staff, safe. Please call the front desk if you have any questions or concerns.



After a long hiatus, we are once again offering daily housekeeping. If you do not wish to have your room serviced, please place the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your outside door handle when leaving the room. Please note that when servicing rooms housekeeping staff will not touch or move any guest’s belongings. Therefore, guests are advised to remove belongings from beds and furniture requiring service. Towels will be changed if left on the floor, otherwise not. For longer stays, sheets will be changed on the 3rd day. If you wish them to be changed sooner, please make that request directly to management or your housekeeper. 


Should an urgent maintenance issue requires us to enter your room, all touched surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected when we leave, and you will be informed that we were there and why.



These are stored in a plastic bag in your room.  If you need these items, please use them. If you don't, kindly leave them in the unopened bag.



If you require additional coffee packets, coffee filters, sugar or creamer, please text us at (530) 580-8699 before 10:30 am, or call the office.  Idem for soap and shampoo.



Check-out time is 11:00 am, and we regret that we cannot offer late check-outs at this time. Staff won’t enter your room for an hour after your departure, but we still need to have all rooms done well before check-in time. Thanks for understanding.



Office Hours are 8:30 am to 10:00 pm. On school days, we might not open until shortly after 9:00 am. On Sundays, it could be as late as 9:30. If you need us outside of these hours, please call. Dial “0” from your in-room phone, or call us on (530) 583-3350. When we are open, there is a house phone on the table in front of the office. Please wait outside and call us. Dial 9-583-3350 using the house phone.

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