The Tamarack Lodge King ADA room was designed to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. It was also designed to be as nice as any other room at Tamarack, but it may actually be nicer. Measuring 300 square feet with a California King bed, our ADA King room is on the ground floor and has reserved ADA parking immediately in front of the room. There is no threshold at the room’s entrance, making it easy to get in with a wheelchair or walker. The floor is hardwood and the bathroom is tiled. The shower is curbless and measures 37 inches by 66 inches. (This is considerably larger than the 30 inch by 60 inch requirement for a roll-in shower.) It has both a handheld shower head, and a rain shower head. There is a folding shower seat and appropriate grab bars. There are also grab bars behind and next to the toilet, and there is adequate space to maneuver a wheelchair. The bathroom sink and vanity easily accommodate a wheelchair and its occupant, and is very well lit. The bathroom has a sliding door to facilitate entrance and exit.  

Like Tamarack’s other king rooms, the ADA King sports a modest but useful kitchen. There is an excellent three-burner induction cooktop, a microwave oven, a small refrigerator, and a coffee maker. Blind Dog coffee is supplied. Basic dishware, glassware, flatware and cookware are provided. The stovetop, kitchen sink, and kitchen work area are all accessible.  

The room has a 49-inch television with 119 cable channels, including HBO and ESPN. Complementary high-speed internet via wifi is available in the room and on most of the property. There is a telephone for local and incoming calls. The room is pet friendly.

All taps on the property have water from our Artesian well, and we doubt you've ever had better. 


  • 300 sq. feet (28 sq. meters)
  • Sleeps 2 in a California King bed
  • Roll-away possible
  • Roll-in shower
  • grab bars in shower and by toilet
  • ADA approved telephone for incoming and local calls
  • Coffee Maker
  • Microwave Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • 3 burner induction cooktop
  • Cable TV with 119 channels (incl. HBO and ESPN)
  • 49 inch TV
  • Thermostatically controlled electric heater
  • Pet friendly

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